$100 Sephora Gift Card Well Spent

Ever wonder what can you get for $100 at Sephora?

For Christmas, I thankfully received a Sephora gift card, which means the options of what I could get were endless! I realized I could go two ways with this; either purchase 2 big ticket items or about 5 smaller items to test out. I’ve been on the kick of wanting to try a bunch of products and I didn’t have any specific large items in mind that I wanted, so I got to it and began searching the site for any best sellers. After hours of research I came up with 5 products I needed to try.

it Cosmetics CC Cream

The it Cosmetics CC Cream is a classic. I’ve only tried BB creams in the past so I was intrigued by this variation. BB creams never gave me the coverage that I wanted so I had a feeling I would love this product. I noticed that this product didn’t feel cakey whatsoever, but still provided me the coverage I needed. This is one of the products I would definitely purchase the full size of!

Drunk Elephant Skincare

The skincare brand Drunk Elephant is a bit of a pricy one, but very well liked. I was browsing through their products when I find this set of night serums. After trying these I absolutely loved how my face felt when I woke up in the morning. It left my skin glowy without feeling sticky like other serums have made me feel. If you’re looking to try this brand I definitely recommend checking out Drunk Elephant’s small duo sets!

Fenty Lip Gloss

Fenty Duo

What drew me into this little Fenty duo was the highlight. I ran out of my Mac soft and gentle highlight and was in the market to try a new one. After hearing nothing but good things about the Fenty one I checked to see if they had a little sample size. With this sample came the infamous lip gloss. I couldn’t pass up the deal for two amazing products. These two items impressed me with their perfect amount of shimmer. It wasn’t too much where there were glitter chunks in the product (I hate that lol), but instead small flecks of shimmer that gave your lips and cheekbones an amazing glow.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

I’ve heard time and time again that this Smashbox primer is a holy grail staple for many. I’ve wanted to try it for a while and I figured that this would be a great opportunity to. I used to be obsessed with the Too Faced hangover primer, but honestly once I tried this one I’m never going back. I loved how this filled in all my pores and actually made my makeup last all day. The texture of this product also did not turn me off like many other primers have.

So what did I learn from this whole experience? To start, I am in love with purchasing smaller sized products now. The reason being that I often find myself buying full sized products and then changing my mind about them half way through. These smaller samples actually last me a decent amount of time and I typically run out of them in a few months. These small items help me determine how I feel about a product before I purchase the full size. And lastly, planning what you’re spending your gift card on strategically by researching each product helps you get more products you actually love, rather than just getting what you think is popular at the moment.

If you had a $100 gift card for Sephora let me know how you’d spend it in the comments below!


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