The Key to Productivity

Ever just feel like you’re in a slump and haven’t been very productive? We’ve all been there and I have some tips for you to get back on track again!

I’m here to share with you my top 5 tips on feeling more productive and getting back into the swing of things!

1. Clean and organize your closet and room!

This helps you clear your mind and you honestly might not even realize how much a cluttered space could be getting you down! I love going to Target and purchasing storage containers to reorganize cabinets and closets. Living in a clean and organized space helps you feel more motivated!

2. Write out deadlines and a schedule in your planner.

This is something I do every single week when I plan out the days ahead. It’s helpful to lay everything out and give yourself due dates so you can feel more productive when you cross things off your list. I love purchasing planners from Etsy or Target! I also use digital sticky notes on my Macbook because they’re super easy and I’m always on my laptop!

3. Wake up early!

Waking up early allows you to get in the right mindset from the start of the day. You also don’t realize how much you can actually get done before the afternoon. Once I began waking up early I absolutely loved it! You can get your morning workout in and over with for the day and then come home and start your daily routine.

4. Take time to yourself and relax!

Don’t stress out too much if you’ve had a bad day. Stressing doesn’t help! Take time to focus on your well being and do something you love, for example read a book before bed, or take some time to meditate. Clear your head space at the end of the day if you need so you don’t overwork yourself!

5. Lastly, in order to be productive you have to set goals.

Having something to work for and aim towards is a great way to stay productive. Whether it is a business goal or a personal goal, setting these aspirations prevents you from falling into a funk and becoming unmotivated.

I hope you enjoyed reading some of my tips on how to stay productive. Comment below some of your favorite ways to keep yourself motivated!


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