My New Discoveries in the Beauty World

One of my favorite things to do is explore the latest skincare and beauty products on the web. I’ve recently come across some products that quickly became favorites for me!

Of the three items I have been absolutely loving, I’m going to start off with a hair mask. The Olaplex Hair Perfector is a must for my bleached and highlighted hair! If you’re a blonde and often bleach your hair this product might just save your split ends. All you do is let it soak into your hair for at least 15 min (sometimes I leave it on overnight) and then just shampoo and condition as usual. I use this product now every two weeks because I have seen such a drastic change in my hair. It looks so much healthier and shinier!

I received this next product in a Fab Fit Fun box and immediately fell in love. These Blaq eye masks are the best I have tried by far! My under eyes feel so refreshed and hydrated immediately after I take these off. *tip: pop them in the fridge before using to make them feel even more cooling under your eyes!*

Lastly, we have the Loving Tan Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream. This cream is perfect for extending your tan and the shimmer in it gives you an incredible glow! As a Loving Tan fan I was interested in trying this out to see how it worked and now it’s a staple for me. I use this before events mainly to get a little extra glow and tan.

Comment below some new beauty finds that have quickly become a favorite of yours!


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