Are Silk Pillowcases Really All That?

A trend I’ve been questioning and decided to finally try out on my own is the one revolving around the benefits of silk pillowcases. They are said to have several positive factors along the lines of helping your skin, hair and beauty rest. The only drawback seems to be the price, so I invested to see if these pillowcases are worth the hype or not.

I purchased my silk pillowcase from Slip, because it seemed to be a reliable source and I wanted to invest for the real thing. Here’s a gist of the benefits I found from different sources online:

  • Helps reduce frizzy hair
  • Has anti-aging abilities
  • Helps products absorb easier into the skin
  • Prevents sleep creases on face
  • Facilitates a more restful sleep

Of these factors the ones I feel I could test out and see physical results from were all of them except anti-aging. To start off with hair, I honestly did see a difference. My hair texture felt smoother after a week and I know it didn’t have anything to do with my hair products because they all remained the same.

As far as products absorbing into my skin, the only thing I would say that supported this is that I felt like my skin had a bit more of a glow the next morning which made me believe that the products were absorbing better into my face. This factor is a bit up in there air but I do see how it could be true. I never had a major problem with creases on my face from my pillowcase the next morning, but I have encountered this issue. With this pillowcase I most definitely did not experience these creases.

Now this is where I get a little skeptical. When talking about providing a more restful sleep I’m not sure if a pillowcase can fix this or the actual pillow itself. What I think helped my sleep was the cooling feeling of the silk pillowcase, but my rest did not change too much. This kind of pillowcase does create a relaxing experience, but maybe not to the point of completely changing my sleeping patterns.

Overall, I do enjoy this product and have continued to use it! Do I think it’s a necessity, no. I think if you’re looking to treat yourself and are really interested in the product it doesn’t hurt to try!

Have you ever tried out a silk pillowcase? Let me know in the comments below!


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