How to Gain the Confidence to Follow your Passion

Confidence is something I have previously struggled with in the past in regard to following my dream and putting myself out there. I have loved fashion ever since I was a little girl and once I discovered YouTube, I always wanted to become an inspiration to others. All I needed to do was to gain the confidence to not be afraid of others judging me. I am proud to say that halfway through my college career I was able to start my YouTube Channel and get past my fear. I recently made a video talking about my YouTube journey on my channel, and in this video I also explain this topic of getting past the fear and following your passion.

My YouTube Channel

My biggest advice falls along the lines of no matter how discouraged you get, even if you do not think you are succeeding, stand back up and try even harder. You can’t let other people who do not see your worth or value get you down. If something doesn’t work out and doesn’t go as planned, then it wasn’t meant to be and it’s okay. I know it’s easier said than done, and it will probably take you time to understand why something happened for a certain reason. It’s hard to please everyone and honestly it’s not possible to be liked by every person on the planet. I will admit, I think it takes time to build confidence and succeed, and even when you have it you might still find yourself falling backward at times. You can’t let it get to your head.

Moral of the story is to not give up and keep pushing for a dream even when it seems impossible. There are times I still get down on myself if I see an unkind comment or if I don’t feel confident enough, but at the end of the day I find myself proud for going after my passion.

Work hard and keep a positive mindset. With that in your heart you will always achieve your goals.


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